Is there a need for A4 size Vibram®︎ sheet #7373? Can you create needs?


This is sudden, but is there a need for A4 size Vibram®︎ sole sheet #7373?

It may be my lack of research, but most of them are in the form of half soles (for half upholstery), and there were no places selling square ones.

There is a high possibility that "no" means "no need", but I would like to try it once.

Also, if there is no need, we may be able to create our own needs.

In addition to shoe soles, it may be good for anti-slip and protection of furniture, and if there is no resistance, it is also good for coasters.

The 1.0mm thick rubber sheet can be used like leather. Some products use Vibram®︎ sheet on the bottom of the tote bag, and the staff of our sister store, KAWAMURA LEATHER , actually hand-stitched the book cover for us.

I think you can also make coin cases, card cases, and key cases. In other words, I think that the door to a new genre called [rubber craft] that is not leather craft will open.

How is it?

Aren't you a little excited?

So I decided to give it a try.

A4 size Vibram®︎ sheet #7373 [TEQUIL GEMMA]

Size: 210×297mm

Thickness: 1.0mm

Color: 12 colors

Price: ¥880- (tax included) *Gold only ¥990- (tax included)

I would like to think about patterns that make rubber craft fun.


A4 size Vibram®︎ sheet #7373 [TEQUIL GEMMA] Start!