Vibram®︎ソールシート #7373【TEQUIL GEMMA】新色追加のお知らせ

Vibram®︎ sole sheet #7373 [TEQUIL GEMMA] Notice of new color addition


As the title says,

A new color has joined the Vibram®︎ sole sheet #7373 [TEQUIL GEMMA] !

In addition, the color that was out of stock is back in stock! Thank you for waiting!



− CARAMEL(AE) ← Restock!!

− RED(17)


− GREEN(39)

− BLUE(43)

− SILVER(46) ← New!!

− GOLD(47)

− FLINT(49)Restocked!!

− ORANGE(54)Restock!!


– RESEDA GREEN(95) ← New!!

− PINK(99)



Rather than silver, it is a light gray color with a matte feel.

Because it is a calm color, you may feel little discomfort even if you put it on the sole. Isn't it good to have a good compatibility with leather?

There are many stains in the center part, but it is not as noticeable as GOLD (46).


There is no doubt that it will go well with outdoor goods. This is the recommended color for Camper Staff Hashimoto.

All photos are RESEDA GREEN. There is considerable color blur. Please note that you cannot choose the color when ordering.

What can #7373 be used for in the first place? . .

・Sneakers and leather shoe soles (often used for half rubber and lifts)

・Attach to the bottom of furniture and personal belongings (anti-slip effect/waterproof effect)

・Rubber craft and leather craft (Since the thickness is 1 mm, sewing is also possible. It is also compatible with leather.)

▲ We are selling the data of the paper patterns for the lava club, so if you are interested, please take a look.

I've tried to give as many examples as I can think of. There may be other uses as well. Please share it on Instagram, etc.

*When posting Lavakura, don't forget #Labakura!

A4 size is also available, so please use it as a trial.

Not only the two new colors, but also other colors may have noticeable color blurring or dirt.

All of these have already been confirmed at the time of arrival. Before shipping, we will check the condition and remove dirt as much as possible, but we cannot completely process it, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

That's it for the announcement of the addition of new colors for the Vibram®︎ sole sheet #7373 [TEQUIL GEMMA] ! Until the end Thank you for reading.