vibram 社よりMatteo氏・眞田様にお越し頂きました。

Mr. Matteo and Mr. Sanada from vibram company visited us.

The other day, Mr. Matteo, the next president of Vibram®︎ Italy, and Mr. Sanada, president of Vibram®︎ Japan, visited us.

(From the left, the thumbnails are staff iso, owner Kawamura, president Sanada, Mr. Matteo, and staff Hashimoto.)

We sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see our site.

(First, we will guide you to the stock room on the first floor.)

(I went up the outside stairs and saw the second floor.)

He told us about Vibram's activities in Japan and overseas, and also listened to us kindly about the future of issoku.

(Mr. Matteo and the owner Kawamura have a passionate conversation with the Arakawa River in the background)

As we talked, I could feel their passion as shoe sole makers. Once again, trust in vibram, which runs on the front line, and high-performance, high-quality soles has become even stronger.

The shoe material online store /issoku will continue to do our best to help spread the use of Vibram soles.


We also visited our sister store, KAWAMURA LEATHER .