Since its founding in 1936, Vibram® has always been working on new materials, and the secret to its boasting performance lies in its highly functional design and unique rubber formulation.
Introducing the formulation used in the soles we sell.


Lightweight and highly maneuverable material. It features high shock absorption and light weight.

It fits comfortably in a variety of lifestyles.

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It features high durability and ease of walking.
Suitable for shoes worn in the city, it is a combination that considers the durability derived from Vibram and comfort.

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Highly resilient and lightweight sole.
Perfect balance of lightness and durability Perfect for standing work or long walks in the park.

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It is designed with excellent safety and comfort, making it ideal for a variety of lifestyles, from trail running to city life.

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The sole of the NEWFLEX series, which is characterized by its comfort and durability.

Ecostep Resource Reduction & Recycling. In anticipation of new evolution. That's eco step.

ECOSTEP is made with over 30% recycled rubber. The combination made by the high-quality manufacturing method expresses the attitude of Vibram that considers environmental conservation.

High performance rubber compound for unrivaled grip on dry and wet roads

Extremely durable, it's the perfect solution for long distances, new adventures, trekking to hiking, trail running to mountain biking, whether you're an athlete or a nature lover for your favorite outdoor activity. The Vibram Megagrip is ready for any challenge or terrain. It provides the user with confidence and control while maintaining the optimum balance of stability and adaptability to adapt to the terrain. Break new ground with the Vibram Megagrip.

The most advanced gripping system developed by VIBRAM for superior performance in cold weather

Vibram Arctic Grips are the most advanced cold weather gripping system ever, incorporating the latest innovations in winter footwear. Vibram Arctic Grip is a new technology that is metal-free and all-rubber for icy surfaces (especially wet ice).


Designed for safe walking on wet ice

・Performance, quality, the durability peculiar to Vibram

・Improved grip on snowy and icy roads in cold climates compared to existing Vibram soles.


Vibram Arctic Grip technology offers the best performance when featuring rubber lugs with a wide contact area of ​​the sole design.

The sole of the N-OIL series, which uses more than 90% of naturally derived raw materials.

Vibram's Noil formulation is one of our innovative offerings, offering a new green option for the footwear industry.

Vibram's trademark quality, grip and performance, but with over 90% natural ingredients. The original color palette uses 100% natural pigments from plants and bio-farming by-products.

The entire production process is carried out without the use of solvents or chemicals, underscoring Vibram's ongoing commitment to socially responsible and environmentally sound performance products. .