DryTan™️ leather About the leather “DROID”

Sustainable leather with LWG GOLD rating

It is a sustainable leather manufactured by ECCO®︎ LEATHER, a company that has received a GOLD rating from the LWG (LEATHER WORKING GROUP) and is working to develop sustainable leather tanning processes.
"DROID" is a leather made by ECCO®︎ LEATHER's proprietary DriTan™️ manufacturing method that does not require a large amount of water. I'm here.
In terms of physical properties, chrome tanned leather is dyed with dyes and pigments, so it is characterized by relatively little color blurring and stable quality.
Also, since it is chrome tanned leather, it cannot be finished by polishing the edge.

DriTan™️ Leather “DROID / Droid” uses

As for leather applications, it has a track record of being widely used for bags, accessories, shoes, etc., just like general chrome tanned leather. Above all, we hope that creators who are looking for "environmentally friendly materials" and "sustainable materials" will use it.

About the aging of DriTan™️ Leather “DROID / Droid”

The leather is chrome tanned and dyed with dyes and pigments, so it does not age significantly. At first, it feels matte and smooth to the touch, but the more you use it, the more you will get used to it, and I think it will become a little more glossy.
Depending on the conditions of use, the aging process will differ, so please use this as a reference only.
In order to give priority to the original texture of the leather, there is no possibility of discoloration, fading, color transfer, oil transfer, etc. Please note.

✔︎ We may call you with a selection of leather.

Please note that we may call you from the number below for consultation when we select leather.

If we are unable to contact you, the shipment will be delayed. Thank you for your cooperation.

✔︎ Shipping is required.

If you order leather, you will receive a shipping fee of 2,200 yen (tax included) nationwide.
Free shipping for purchases of 33,000 yen (tax included) or more.

✔︎ The image is an image.

Depending on the display environment, the color and gloss may look different from the actual product.

✔︎ Color may vary depending on the production lot.

Since it uses pigments, it is relatively stable, but if the production lot is different, color blurring may inevitably occur. Please note that the color may be slightly different from the same leather you purchased last time.

✔︎ This leather is natural leather.

The scratches and wrinkles that the animal had while alive will appear on the surface of the leather as it is, and it is a material that causes individual differences and differences between production lots due to various factors. Also, there is a possibility of fading, discoloration, color transfer, and oil transfer, so please handle with care. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy all the merits and demerits of natural leather materials. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.