Vibramシート【#8327 WOODSTOCK】【#8868 SUPERNEWFLEX】10%OFFキャンペーン

Vibram seat [#8327 WOODSTOCK] [#8868 SUPERNEWFLEX] 10% OFF campaign

Hello everyone!

Actually now

We are having a 10% OFF campaign for the following 2 products!

Vibram sole sheet #8327 [WOODSTOCK]

55 (Cream) 8.0mm/10.0mm ¥12,167 ← ¥13,519

AF (Beige) 8.0mm/10.0mm ¥12,167 ← ¥13,519

AN (Chocolate) 8.0mm/ 10.0mm ¥10,553 ← ¥11,726

AA (Black) 8.0mm/ 10.0mm ¥10,553 ← ¥11,726

・Vibram Sole Sheet #8868 [SUPERNEWFLEX]

AA (Black) 4.0mm/6.0mm/8.0mm ¥16,573 ← ¥18,414

AC (White) 4.0mm/6.0mm/8.0mm ¥16,573 ← ¥18,414

*This discount price is a limited price only for the current stock.

The price increase is (almost) confirmed from the next arrival, so if you are thinking of purchasing, please consider this opportunity!

The sole sheet is based on a foam material, so it is light and shock-absorbing. It's perfect for making wallaches and outsoles for sandals, so why not give it a try this summer!

↑ Introducing [leather slippers] using #8868 on the issoku official Instagram . We also have [leather sandals] using #8327, so please take a look!

It was a notice of a great discount campaign!