vibram イタリア本社/工場へご招待していただきました!①

We were invited to the vibram Italian headquarters/factory! ①

Hello everyone.

This is Hashimoto, a staff member who returned from Italy a week and a half ago.

I was fascinated by the beautiful medieval streets and authentic Italian food.

Let's put that aside,

We, the issoku team, have been invited to visit the vibram®︎ Italian head office and factory!

I would like to report on the situation this time.

Immediately go through the courtyard surrounded by plants to the entrance.

I took a tour around the first floor of the office and went to the meeting room in the back. First , a meeting with the vibram ®︎ sales team.

When I told them about the concept and vision of issoku, they said things like, "It's cool that you can order even one pair online!"

The new soles were carefully introduced one by one! Soles that can do that and soles that have this kind of performance... Maybe one of these will join the issoku lineup...

You may feel more familiar with shoe making and sole swapping!

A glimpse into the next room. Vibram soles all over the wall!

The vibram sole which is full of variations. There may be some familiar soles.

Next, the development team took me to the basement of the office.

I learned about the process of completing the vibram ®︎ sole design.

vibram ®︎ This is the place where all kinds of vibram soles are born, from original designs to collaboration designs with brands. Although the design is done on a computer, some drafts were done by hand using a pencil.

(There was a staff member who was actually drawing it, but it was a design before it was released to the world, so I couldn't take a picture. Too bad.)

Once the design is finalized, we use a 3D printer to create a prototype. If there are no problems with the design and dimensions of the finished prototype, we start production with the actual compound.

That's all for the morning!

After having lunch with the sales team in the company cafeteria, we finally went to the production factory in the afternoon!

(Continuing ②,,,)